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The alcohol beverage industry is one of the fastest growing and most highly regulated industries in our country. The three-tier system of suppliers/importers, distributors, and retailers requires an unprecedented level of expertise and business acumen. With trade secrets in your pocket and competition at your doorstep, where do you go from here?

Our firm has a long-standing reputation for working in highly controlled industries and navigating the complexities of operating within the confines established by regulatory bodies. We extend this experience to include services involving labor and employment matters, corporate and financing work, the protection of intellectual property rights, real estate transactions and disputes, product liability, tax issues, and immigration law.

Whether you operate a craft brewery, small batch distillery, independent wine label, retail outlet, or distribution company, we can guide you and protect you as you build your business.


You’ve dreamed of having your craft brew hit the palates of beer enthusiasts across the country, perhaps even the globe. Perfecting your mixture of perfectly sourced water, hops, barley, and yeast has taken months, if not years. Perhaps you’ve plunged in to the world of becoming a vintner, mastering the science of soil and grape. Maybe you’re a lover of bourbon and have built your own small batch craft distillery.

Regardless of how you’ve arrived in the world of the alcohol business you’ve probably quickly realized there are countless threats that surround your growing enterprise. Once your recipe has been perfected what do you about your trademarks, labor & employment matters, corporate formation or financing, product liability, distribution arrangements, real estate needs, and so on?

Having access to a wide range of advice under one roof goes beyond convenient. It allows for an efficient and coordinated effort to support your business so you can focus on what you do best as a spirits artist. Our firm has spent years working with some of the most notable names in the alcohol beverage industry, giving us a developed understanding of the surprisingly nuanced challenges faced by companies working in the labyrinth of our country’s three-tiered regulatory system. We’ve grown to appreciate that the support you need to thrive every day goes well beyond what’s in the bottle.



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