Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp has one of the most highly regarded entertainment practices in the country and serves a global client base. At its core is the representation of clients in transactions involving the development, financing, production, home video and distribution of motion picture, television and interactive projects.


Development/Production Agreements: The practice group brings to the table decades of business affairs experience enabling us to structure the complex arrangements required for producers to hire A-level talent. We negotiate rights agreements, including literary option and purchase agreements and life story rights agreements, and agreements for actors, writers, directors and producers.


Chain of Title Review: We are industry leaders in reviewing and analyzing complex chains of title. We commonly review issues relating to WGA Separation of Rights, after-invented media, possible section 203 and 304 copyright terminations and the effectiveness of certain grants.


Entertainment Finance: We handle entertainment banking transactions, including bank participation agreements, production lending agreements and inter-party agreements. The practice group has particular expertise in structuring financial arrangements among producers, equity investors, mezzanine financiers, distributors and senior lenders. We also negotiate completion bond agreements and our firm represents a major bond company.


Sales and Distribution Agreements: We bring to the table particular expertise in negotiating agreements between sales agents and producer/financiers; and agreements between producers and distributors. Having represented the major players in the area, we are well suited to advise on international royalty arrangements and financial waterfalls.


Advertising and Promotion: We represent studios, producers and famous brands in commercial tie-in, product placement and publicity arrangements, including contests and web-based promotions.


Publishing, Licensing and Merchandising: We pride ourselves on helping clients develop strategies to build or exploit brand value. We advise on trademark registration programs and negotiate licensing agreements and merchandising agreements. We also work with authors on book deals.


Theatre: We help producers create structured investment vehicles and negotiate deals between rights holders and producers/financiers.


Entrepreneurs: We specialize in representing investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in the entertainment sector by analyzing business plans and structuring deals. We provide tax advice in corporate transactions including the establishment of film funds, corporate formation and securities offerings.

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